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Revolutionary War Reenactors – Below are links to web pages that have links/email addresses/contact info/locations/pictures of Revolutionary War reenactors. Note: Each page organizes links by nationality (British regulars, German states forces, Provincial British units (Loyalists), Continental regulars, American State and local militia, French, Spanish, native Americans, civilians)


Click on the link to the page that displays how you want the links to be organized.

        By a master list of known recreated/reenactment revolutionary war units
General list of links contain either websites or email addresses 


         By locations of members of units
If you want to know if a group is in your state/area. Links to pages for the 50 States of the USA are there as we as links for All the providences of Canada, and The United Kingdom and Germany in general.
Note: only states/providences that have members of recreated revolutionary war era units will have a page. We have also included listings of reenactment/events for the remainder of 2001 and for 2002 that are scheduled to occur.


        By main year of portrayal
The links  (which go to either a website or a email addresses or pictures of) correspond a unit’s main portrayal and a specifically listed battle. We have done this by organizing section into years, and then in each section list campaigns and the battles and ten list links, or put links together at the bottom of each year section. At the bottom we have listed all units that seem to portray the whole period of the war. We have color-coded the links to what nationality they are. Below is the legend. The links will turn purple when you click on them.


        By web pages that contain links to websites only

          Organizations and General Info Pages (24 links )

     British and their Allies Units ( 54 links )

    American (Congressional, Continental) and their Allies Units ( 61 links)




Master list of Revolutionary war reenactments (UPDATED - November 9, 2005)
Note: The events listed here on are NOT's own schedule in going to events. This is a combined list of all events in the US/Canada.
We are also in the process of also adding contact emails, addresses or website for events for those who want to know. Most likely these will be added for 2004 events.

Links to websites about past and future reenactments/events


Links of pictures pages on revolutionary war reenactment websites

Links to websites with ratings on percentage of pics are of women dressed as women and children
























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last updated: November 09, 2005